Friday, July 13, 2007

.F Tourism

Having read quite some blogs the last few months i am surprised to see so many of you travelling around the world as genuine fashionistas! One more "-tourism" is blooming and i 'm eager to follow its journey. Fashion - or, as a matter of fact, shopping(!) - tourism consists of an a priori organisation of your trip always via the avenues Montaignes and Portobello markets of the world for you to collect F ideas, F photos, F attitudes and definitely F wardropes. First class destinations, the fashion capitals. Paris, New York, London, Milan. But the list is never ending since they 're so many little diamonds all around the world you choose to honour. Madrid, Prague, Athens, Moscow, Hong Kong.. Next time i 'll fly away from my country, i will definitely ask for your valuable F travel experience! Until then.. i 'm longing to have a close look to your prizes!

*rolling suitcase: Louis Vuitton, Pégase 60

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