Saturday, August 11, 2007

The coolest girl in the world

This is Ashley Olsen, according to the last issue of Marie Claire U.S, who not only posed for the cover shoot but she also "brought a slew of ideas, including a cool new take on androgyny". Just before Elizabeth and James is launched, the older twin sister talks about her, her relationship with Mary-Kate, her work, paparazzi and the existential burden she was carrying as a child star.

"The next thing i want to get is the crocodile Birkin(...) Crocodile is my fa-vorite!"

"Our bond is really beyond words(...) It 's weird that we 're never at the same place-we just kind of balance each other out." (about her relationship with Mary-Kate)

"The more the public can view you seperately, the easier it will be for your future." (about developping individual identities with her sister)


JordanSparkle said...

I luuurrrvvvee that bitch!
Her & MK's style is just amaze! So different to their tween days lol .. loving your blog missy, check mine out!

-Jordan xox

robot-walk said...

I love that photoshoot, but at first I thought it was mary kate instead of ashley :p