Monday, September 17, 2007


In the october issue of W magazine apart from the main article about Cate Blanchett who is featured on the cover too, we also find the voodoo photo shoot-another highly inspired job by the duo of Mert Alas & Marcus Pigott. The whole style is reminiscent of the decade of 30's in the american film industry but in the same time if you happen to know Nancy Cunard (i didn't) you will spot the inspirational source at once! It's quite amazing how ignorance by itself can drive you away from inspirational paths of thought and inversely a wide range of knowledge provides easy ways in terms of divine guidance and influences...

Here are the photos i chose from this shoot:



Allure said...

At last! Something different. It's all I need to become addictive to fashion magazines again. I found them a bit boring lately.

coco said...

great shoot thank you for putting it up
i love the first and second last

discothequechic said...

Mert and Marcus are my. favourite. photographers. ever.


No, Geneii?

However you spell it!

Love the header btw.

S xx

MOLLY GRAY said...

your header image is as perfect as this photoshoot...