Friday, May 23, 2008

Blossom days

Ok maybe summertime has come way closer today that i went to the beach (!!) but i still want to have some spring fun before it's too late and the burning heat melts us all the way like ice-creams under the sun.
Talking about springtime the first thing that pops in our minds is flowers. And this is how i came to wonder how many flowers do i have in my room. I opened my wardrobe, looked in my drawers and dug a few old and a 'bouquet' of new ones.

Take some time to smell the luscious aroma of these flowers..

(From left to right) White roses earrings- ?shop in Tokyo, Yellow anemone ring- vintage, Pink rose pin- vintage, White rose ring- Accessorize, Red rose bando- Accessorize.

(From left to right) Dress- vintage, Skirt- Zara, Dresses- Zara.

I will catch up with all comments soon soon enough.


hannah said...

beautiful florals.

atelier said...

Wow, I love the second print starting on the left. This summer it's all about flowers... but here is raining! (maybe it's better to study).

Allure said...

Love all your dresses and skirts...I'm looking for something similar, but I haven't found anything fulfilling yet.

Here it's been raining for about two weeks...grrr

Kira Fashion said...

flowers are really a must for all!

a kiss!!!

coco said...

I love the Zara print, they do some amazing floral dresses.
I always fall in love with one of their chiffon pieces.

Ediot said...

oh oh oh. love flowers. these are fantastic!

BlossomClothing said...

those fabrics shown are gorgeous
especially the second form the left.
your blog is cool :)
fancy swapping links?
email me or comment me back
love blossomclothingx

The Clothes Horse said...

Oh so pretty. I want my closet to bloom into a beautiful garden!

On Track said...

Beautiful post, I love florals, especially seeing all of the ones in your closet, it makes me feel like floral dress shopping ;)

Lovely photos as always

Miss at la Playa said...

I love flowers, and your new header! :)

Times of Glory said...

Floral is always sweet and those flowers in the room are just so lovely - mixed shaped and colour is very pretty xx

Wendy said...

I so need more florals in my closet!

Mary-Laure said...

What an absolutely exquisite couple of pictures... I'm off to buy fresh flowers now!

iñaki said...

I agree about the flowers. Everyone assumes it's an obvious choice for the season, but also a right one. You're very right when you say they have soul. It's like you're adding life to yourself!


atelier said...

Ey! I need advice on a dress for my graduation! Please, check my blog if you can, thanks!

Cris Lazoru said...

I adore the florals pic so pretty!