Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dear Miami (part 2)

When it comes to backstage photos or making-of videos, i just can't get enough! Meet the designers, watch Kate, Daria, Lara and Sasha in action and pretend you are in Miami too.


Allure said...

Thank you for sharing this vids! I didn't know about them.

PS, you can check my flicks account for more Paris pics if you want ;) As I mentioned in the blog, I didn't took many photos.

Miss at la Playa said...

the first video is so funny! :P

Lara Stone.. lol

Tinsley said...

this was great! daria and kate and lara are the perfect trinity :)

hannah said...

love these! thanks for pointing them out. the shoot is amazing!

Molly :] said...

i love these videos!

onomatopoeia. said...

nice videos!

I tagged you, check out my blog for further details ;)

Sunniva said...

thank you so much for sharing these videos, hun!

haha poor rabbit man! lara stone is a chancer.

it seems like they are having such a great time..ah the joys of being in the fashion industry!