Monday, June 9, 2008

Parfums Tops

Scents form a magical world in which we make beautiful stops to unforgettable moments of our past. Perfumes play a key role for our sensuality of course but above all they have this 'eternal' value due to the memories to which they are related to.
Smelling the last drops from any perfume of my past i meet people, i become this old me, i travel in space and time so fast that sometimes i am just putting this bottle away abruptly, probably because my senses are simply unable to find balace between the unique now and the many then.
I find it, still, an intriguing experience and maybe that is why i tend changing them when a new 'chapter' is about to begin.

I take a glance and count 9 different bottles. Each one containing parts of my growing up, starting from the early adolescence. So many stories unfolded.. Just close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath above them.

And here are some of the Tops' perfume choices.

Which is your current everyday scent?


Miss at la Playa said...

I use Inspiration by Lacoste.. I love it.

Allure said...

I want to try Chloé.

style.street said...

i use issey miyake but its running low because my boyfriend keeps stealing it and wearing it himself. I really want to smell the new marc jacobs

Weekly Blogette said...


On Track said...

Ooohhhhh way way way cool post, i love it :) I love the music playing in the background to, very cool :)

p.s. just letting you know I really adore your blog and have linked you back :D

Sunniva said...

My current everyday scent is 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera. I adore it! Sometimes I try to change, but I just keep going back to it all the time. It's not only my everyday scent: it's also become my signature scent ;p

And I have to tell you that the way you write is so beautiful! You really manage to capture the reader.


onomatopoeia. said...

I actually never wear perfume! I might make an exception on my birthday but that's it. When I was younger I used to wear it all the time though. It all started with a really cheap one called destiny. It smelled ridiculously sweet but I loved it! After that I went from glow to dolly girl to amor amor and that's when it stopped. But if I were to wear a scent again it would definitely be chance by chanel. And I'd love to try daisy or the new chloe one!

coco said...

I really want to have a signiture scent but I still wear bout 7 different ones.
I really need to get Daisy this summer, I adore the smell.

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

my current scent is armani!!

SICK. said...

marc jacobs daisy.
undeniably amazing, i want people to think of me when they smell it.


atelier said...

I used to wear Prada, but I know I use it for the weekends (it's more strong) and I used Daisy (MJ) for everyday. The smell of Daisy is so amazing!

Great post, BTW.

atelier said...

Oh, and thanks for your advice on Paris, I will try to go to that places. Thanksss!!

hannah said...

love this! i use the body shop eau de toilette in amorito. it smells like chocolate, vanilla and toasted almonds. i love it and highly recommend it.

Knight Cat said...

mine is daisy, its really light! i wish i had all these though :)

linked you back darling!


Alice said...

Actually my favourites, cause usually i have more than one perfume, are:

-Kelly Caleche, Hérmes.
-Burberry London, Burberry.
-Guerlain Aqua allegoria in Basilic.

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

I love the pink Just Cavalli fragrance and also J'adore by Dior...but I want to buy Daisy by Marc Jacobs it's amazing! J'adore used to be my signature

iñaki said...

I looooove Anja. She can wear whatever she wants. She'll always be amazing!