Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Alexander invites YOU

Yes, that is THE experience. I can't even imagine how fabulous would that be if i were the winner! Alexander McQueen's shows are literally a show. I can't think of another one that can beat his shows.. (orighty Karl, yes we admire and love your voluminous work on the catwalk). So if interested to attend the SS09 one you only have to click here, enter the contest and pray again! (Love the contests lately!!!!)

Oh! Forgot to list you the prizes:

2 invitations for the SS09 show,
2 airplane tickets to Paris,
hotel accommodations for two nights
+ $500 American Express voucher.


If only i were a US citizen for this summer!


Fashion Ivy said...

Ahh no. Why can it never be an international thing. Always american

MR style said...

hahhahhha yeah dude !!! let's pray :)

Sunniva said...

I can't describe how over the moon I would have been if I had a chance to win this, but unfortunately I'm not a US citizen. Such a bummer! The one who will win this is such a lucky person!


Modelizer said...

Wow, I just entered this. Thanks for the heads up. I doubt I'll win, but a girl can dream. Yay for being an American? haha

Allure said...

Only for US citizens? is this some kind of torture?

Blogger said...

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