Sunday, June 24, 2007

Smells like "Kate" spirit

There she goes! Miss Moss launching her new fragrance "kate"! Clasified as a floral musk and clad in this pink and black packaging, "kate" will cost about $27 to $60, depending on the side. The scent will hit the European and Asian markets in 3 months and let the U.S be patient until 2008! I think that we could wait too until then.. no particular hurry, don't you think? For the rest who count days, will you "kate"-smell from september and on?


ambika said...

I wonder why they're waiting so long to release it in the U.S.? I can't imagine it has anything to do with her image but marketers can be so conservative over here.

molly said...

wow i just discovered your blog and i love it!

purple said...

she looks great in that pic