Tuesday, July 3, 2007

La Llorona

Her name is Lila Downs and she is the Mexican-American singer widely known for her passionate voice and the soundtrack of the movie Frida. Born in 1968, she spent her early years in Mexico, but after her parents split up, she was shuffled off to live with a relative in California. She grew to love music, specifically classical and opera, and began studying those in college. After two years, however, she experienced a crisis questioning why she was singing and dropping out to become a Deadhead, following the Grateful Dead around the country in a VW bus(!) and earning money by making and selling jewelry, and not singing at all. Fortunately, after enjoying the lifestyle for a short time, she graduated college with a double degree in anthropology and voice and a renewed enthusiasm for both her Mexican heritage and singing. Up to now Lila Downs has released 7 albums and have won several awards, among which a nomination for the Academy Award (2002) for the song Burn it Blue which she performed that night.

sources: allmusic.com, wikipedia

Tonight i 'll be proud to attend one of her concerts of the 2007 tour. I' m so, so, so excited!!!

For those who don't know/remember her, for those who would like to be in my place tonight (!) and for those who are just curious.. voila un pedazito de ella. Pasaos lo bien!


Tru said...

*pouts* pictures won't show up

changapeluda said...

Oh hi,
happened upon you by clicking next blog then into my favourites you go. there's a soft spot in my heart for la llorona, also lila downs. she's amazing.

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