Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fall 0809 NY Countdown

I was taking a glance at TFS on the discussions about NY FW and found this short hilarious dialogue:

- Does anyone know any ways a regular person can get into the show?
- regular person= no show
irregular person= show

So, for those of us who are trapped in the 'regular person' category here's the schedule of this week's New York shows. Keep your eyes wide open for the daily updates.

source: COACD

*i have highlighted the shows for which i crave being an irregular person(!)


coco said...

That is creepy.... those are all the shows I am looking foward too most!

The Clothes Horse said...

Thanks for this schedule. I'm so excited. I wish I was in NYC right now...stalking the runways like a groupie.

Mash said...

thank you for the schedule :) kiss

atelier said...

Thanks for the schedule. The conversation is just funny... and sad:(! I wish I could be there too

josefine said...

oh, unfortunately i am in the ¨regular person¨ category :/ i'm sad, cuz i would really want to go to Marc Jacobs! kiss

discothequechic said...

One day I shall be an "irregular"!

Ha, that's pretty funny though.

And Wang and Preen are the ones I heart most of all.

But the Prada party? I'm there!

Cee-Cee said...

that's not fair !! but why?

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Oh wow thank you for sharing that!

Miss at la Playa said...

i love the name of your blog!
it is what the hat of the Mad Hatter says, isn't it? i love alice in wonderland

Fashion's Darling said...

this might sound cheesy or lame to some but the way a "regular" person can get into the shows is by volunteering. I applied to be a volunteer and:
a) was the first to see what was in the gift bags
b) got a gift bag
c) got to stay and watch the show's really not bad lol...I've been volunteering for two seasons now and got to see (and take pics of) Project Runway. And once you're in the tents...they leave you alone and assume you're suppose to be there...


Rollergirl said...

Well, there was a comment about this on The Business Of Fashion. Someone asked, why don't the companies allow paying fans to come and watch the shows. Well, the fact is these shows are for buyers and press. We (I am press) are there primarily to work so if they opened them to the public I guess the press/buyers wouldn't take it seriously? It's bad enough with the celebs now, I think they're actually the reason the shows are so late to start!!