Saturday, May 10, 2008

Are you chic enough?*

Joyeux Anniversaires à moi. Χρόνια μου πολλά και ευτυχισμένα.

Yesterday i celebrated my 24th (oh my god, i 'm getting older) birthday. But it happened to be a double celebration for both my birthday and an offer i 've been made for my upcoming postgraduate studies!!!


-Thank you thank you daaaarlings! :D

So we went with my dear friends for a lux drink to T-Palace, a rather posh bar-restaurant. It 's been quite a long time since i went to such a place and i must confess that although i was sitting on a lip-shaped red couch(!) for about 3 hours i had a good good time and fun. There you go, i 'm posting a photo of its entrance. Obvious maximalism creating an almost kitsch atmosphere. Nice no?

Le outfit of the night created the image below.. Of course instead of the Philip Lim blouse i wore a similar Zara one, holding a Longchamp black clutch and not this Chloé one- which is to die for btw.

..By the end of the night i was feeling more mature. (Strawberry Daiquiris may have helped me to be more decisive but the right timing and positive energy have led to some unexpected but desirable facts..) I had thought about my life during the last year, took some serious decisions, felt like i changed brains and heart and NOW i 'm feeling balanced again. It 's not a matter of true happiness that i 'm experiencing but more of a feeling of holding your head up and feeling strong. Isn't that our first need and what we pursuit everyday?

May you all have a smarvellous weekend :)

à bientôt

*this question appears in one of T-Palace's walls.


atelier said...

First of all, Happy Birthday!! and secondly, congratulations for that offer;)! you must be so proud of yourself and so happy!! Great outfit, I like the clutch a lot

Miss at la Playa said...

happy birthday! That's the only time in the year when it's not your unbirthday... we can't have an unbirthday teaparty!... :(


SICK. said...

félicitations sur l'offer :]
& looove those ninewest heels.


coco said...

Wouldn't we all rather have Chloe bags? I think that look is fabulous, you must have looked amazing! Adore the jeans!

iñaki said...

Happy belated birthday!! you must've looked fabulous in that outfit and, oh, what a place!!


WendyB said...

Happy birthday! Why doesn't your blog show up on my Google Reader, I wonder?

onomatopoeia. said...

Eventhough it's a bit late, I still want to say happy birthday and congratulations on the offer! Hope you had a great weekend as well :)

susie-bubble said...

Happy Birthday...a bit late...sorry!

Kira Fashion said...

those heels are really fashion!

happy b-day!

a kiss!!

Tinsley said...

happy birthday!!
it looks like so much fun
and dont worry your not old at all!

Charlotte said...

Happy birthday! I think that outfit is great, so is your blog

hannah said...

happy birthday!

Cris Lazoru said...

Congrats! On both things!


Allure said...

congrats for everything! I'm so glad you feel at ease with yourself ;)

Alice said...

Happy birthday and congrats for your achievement in studies|