Monday, May 5, 2008

(natural) HIGH

Yes that's what heels are about. About giving you confidence, not so generously though... Wearing sky-high heels is kind of a fair trade! You gain 10+ centimetres, a sexy posture and movement and possibly a panoramic view of the world. In exchange, you must put pain in your daily schedule. Depending on the type of heel you choose to wear, different parts of the foot may hurt. Il faut souffrir pour être belle. That's the unbreakable rule not only for Gwyneth Paltrow who sported some breathtaking pairs but for the women who reportedly have contributed to a significant rise in the sales of killer heels.

Gwyneth Paltrow's show-stopping red carpet appearances in hyper-vertiginous heels at various Iron Man premieres this week have not gone unnoticed by the British buying public; Selfridges is reporting a 35 per cent rise in sales of "fetish" heels, which are topping the seven inch mark, in the past week.

"This season we are selling the highest and most incredible shoes I've ever seen," says Selfridges' director of accessories, Sebastian Manes. "Not for the faint hearted, fetish heels offer the wearer an extreme, attention grabbing look. These are definitely taxi shoes!"

Balenciaga, Pierre Hardy, Nina Ricci, Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent are among the main culprits, with special mention going to Alexander McQueen's Languid courts - Paltrow's footwear of choice for the London premiere.
(Vogue UK)

Are you ready to touch the sky?


atelier said...

I can't help but love high heels. It's the only garment which can give you confidence so easily, the worst part is the pain, as you said, but we are young and we must be able to face it!

susie_bubble said...

I can try.... I'm trying to up my pain tolerance...

Cris Lazoru said...

I love Gwyneths' heels, they are to die


coco said...

I think next to SJP she has the best shoe collection around at the moment
I wish I could pinch some!

Kira Fashion said...

I love super heels! But sometimes they aren´t easy to walk even short distances! hehehe

PALTROw really did well these last days...i love all her shoes, so high, so sexy!

i love your blog, so you already are in my blogroll, check it out mine if you can and add me too if you like ;)

a kiss and a hug,
hope to see you soon,

Ediot said...

oh i love heels. but i don't think i can wear it.. look great on others..

hannah said...

all those heels are gorgeous! the higher, the better (and sexier).

discothequechic said...

i can't even contemplate how ms paltrow moved in those mcqueen heels.

how?? ha!

i wish i could wear heels so high, but as i'm already rather tall i end up being about a foot taller than everyone else around me if i do! and there are so many lovely pairs around, too.
maybe i should get myself some tall model friends.

sasha, lara, coco..i'm talking about you!

ps, love the moby song.

Fashion Critic said...

I loved all her shoes.

Ida said...

I love high heels! And the pain's worth it, no?:))